You’d Better Not Mess With Major Tom.

Ello, lovelies! Just a short little post before I slip into my post-school nap. This was before red solo cup night at the bar…where I gathered together all my athletic skills (ha) and won a bunch of t-shirts! Are bar games my true talent in life? Top & Belt: Target, Sweater: American Eagle, Jeans: Hollister, […]


The tools for a fabulous Friday evening: (clockwise) Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche, Victoria’s Secret Illuminating Stick, Victoria’s Secret Face Trio in White Hot, Beauty Rush lip gloss in Sweet Gleam, vintage starfish necklace, Essie nail polish in Real Simple. After being a distracted bum and reading a few chapters out of each, I’ve decided I want […]

Muscular Madness.

Maybe I’m off my rocker, but I don’t understand this muscular craze going on these days.  Of course men have always had muscles throughout the history of the world, but things are getting a bit absurd lately.  I mean, what is everyone accomplishing here?  For one thing, huge muscles make your shirts look bad, guys. […]

Jesus, Jewels, and Jeans.

Oof. So originally, this was supposed to be about my lack of understanding of the current phenomena among Guidos/douche-bags/guys whose girlfriends buy all of their clothing, but by trying to do a little research upon the subject, stumbled upon something entirely different than what I had in mind.  Needless to say, complete craziness on both […]